From 19 November 2020 /Thursday/ Dobrich Art Gallery presents the exhibition “The Unknown Vesselin Vassilev” /1973-2018/

On July 9th 2020 Dobrich Art Gallery received a donation including sculptures and drawings of Vesselin Vassilev from the exhibition “In memoriam of Vesko” in “Academica” Gallery, Sofia. The collection of 43 artworks – 20 plastics and 23 drawings is already a part of our fund. The “Sculpture” Department of  NAA in cooperation with Dobrich Art Gallery issued a catalogue of the exhibition.

Vesselin Vassilev was born in Dobrich. Graduates “Sculpture” in the National Fine Arts Academy in prof. Krum Damyanov’s class. Since 2003 is an assistant in “Sculpture” Department, member is of the UBA.

Unknown to the Dobrich audience, the artist unexpectedly left this world in 2018. The art admirers in his hometown will see for the first time his works – plastics and drawings donated to the gallery and artworks owned by his family.

“He stood in the department in a very quiet, deep way, without words. A way that suggested without speaking the artworks he left bring silence, contemplation, introspection, purity, without artistic vanity and self-expression. The artistic in him remained unfinished, unspoken.” /Prof. Emil Popov/

“Yes, we have to do this for him, to do what he did not, to acquaint the circles with professional interest with his achievements as an artist, researcher and teacher. Let’s make the first step for preserving him for the future and the memory of the short but meaningful life of our colleague and teacher.” /Ass. Prof. Valentin Gispodinov/

In the artworks donated to Dobrich Art Gallery we could find complete correspondence between the person’s character and the artist’s work of Vesselin Vassilev.