With a vernissage was opened the painting exhibition of Veliko Tarnovo artist Tzvetelina Maksimova on 10 September 2020. The exposition contains 10 lyrical abstract paintings characterized with lightness of the expression but saturated with emotional messages. The event started with an action “Wind chasers” and was an occasion for a heartful meeting with artist’s friends, colleagues and admirers.


Tzvetelina Maksimova works in the field of pure abstraction led by expression she tries to master during the creative process. She loves to experiment with different, mostly natural materials: pigments, resins, charcoal, acryl; in her paintings she uses experimental techniques, collage, aquarelle effects, layering. Her “label” is “the extremely fine aesthetic of the color harmonies and the monochrome intent.” She works in several fields of the contemporary arts – painting, iconography, graphics, and land art installations.


“The direction of my recent works is towards simple and minimalistic shapes and their unobtrusive presence in the nature.”


The exhibition can be visited until 06 October 2020.