On January16, 2020(Thursday)at17:30Dobrich Art Gallery opens Andrey Kuleshov exhibition – paintings and drawings from Bulgaria. He is a Russian artist lived in Varna from 1984 till 1987. His works include mostly still-life, landscapes, and portraits of actors, musicians and friends. Here he creates his first comic book on “The three musketeers” of A. Dumas. Close to “Vulkan” circle. After his return in Russia he works for “Diafilm” studio and assists as an illustrator in different publishing houses. For the last 25 years works exclusively as icon painter.

He was born on15.08.1955in Moscow in professional artists’ family. Graduates Moscow secondary art school “V. I. Surikov” in 1974 and “Painting” in Moscow state art institute “V. I. Surikov” in 1980.

1982 Member of the youth section of Moscow artists associationчлен на Младежкото обединение на Съюза на московските художници
1983 “Young artist atelier” in Bulgaria член  на  „Ателие на младия художник“ в България
1983 the Union of Moscow artists
1984 -1987 lives and works in Varna. Bulgaria
1988 lives and works in Moscow 

He organizes a number of personal exhibitions in Moscow and one in Varna and takes part in Moscow, national and international exhibitions. His paintings are owned by private collections in Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Germany, Finland, South Korea, former Yugoslavia and Spain. He works in the field oficon painting, painting, illustration and book design.