Contemporary British Art exhibition starts on 15 August  2019 at 17:30 in Room 1 of Dobrich Art Gallery. The collection of the “American foundation for Bulgaria” presents artworks of different generations in the British pop-art contributing for establishment of pop-art, postmodern painting and graphic arts high prestige in the United Kingdom. Selected are 27 original artworks of the Foundation collection – Sir Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Brian Eno, Mark Quinn and Connor Brothers – showing both graphic and mixed digital and painting techniques.

The constantly changing Sir Peter Blake – painter and collagist, becomes famous with the cover of the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, which remains his most popular work. Interest in the personages of the pop-culture is the focus of his entire artistic work. Blake becomes one of the most popular British artists at the end of 1950s. His artworks of that period include advertising and musical life images, mostly collaged. For his contribution to the art Peter Blake is knighted in 2002.


The theoretician, shock-conceptualist and nature-philosopher Damien Hirst is part of the Young British Artists group emerged as a cultural phenomenon after a sequence of exhibitions in abandoned London docklands. One can see part of his famous “Spot paintings” – some of the most copied and sold artworks of a living contemporary artist. His colorful point structures appear first in the “Freeze” exhibition (6 August – 29 September 1988) as a version of an artwork painted by hand two years earlier without the specific geometric precision that will distinguish his spot paintings henceforth.


The aesthete and provocateur Mark Quinn works in the field of sculpture, installation and painting. In 1991 his name becomes world famous with the sculptural self-portrait “Self”, for which he uses over 4 litters of his own frozen blood. Quinn uses different materials – marble, lead and gold, experiments with ice, blood and glass, flowers and plants frozen in silicon included in art installations. Human eye attracts his attention and he makes a sequence of large-scale human eyes pictures named “Iris”. He becomes a part of the renowned Young British Artists’ movement despite he hasn’t participated in the “Freeze”exhibition in1988.


The establisher of the ambient genre Brian Eno is granted the titleRoyal Designer for Industry of the British Royal Academy. Along with his musical career he experiments also in visual arts creating art installations displacing the limits. In 2016 Eno opens an exhibition in London and simultaneously issues the studio album “The Ship”. In his visual works in 2016 he uses means corresponding to the abstract sounds of “The Ship” music. His artworks of 2017 are to some extend a continuation of that tendency: "Urmia", "Khanka", "Aral", "Taymyr", etchings on paperVelin d’Arches.

The creative tandem Mike Snelle and James Golding mostly known as the Connor Brothers is amongst the leading representatives of the contemporary British pop-art society. The Connor Brothers get inspired by the covers of the old love novels with an erotic hint “translating” them to the modern audience combined with ironic notes, revealing the absurd of the social models they are imposing.

They appear in the art world introducing themselves as American twin brothers Franklin and Brendon raised in a community of a pseudo-Christian cult named “The Family”. In October 2014 the artists confess that the story is completely fabricated and behind the artistic nickname Connor Brothers stay the art dealers Mike Snelle and James Golding.

The exhibition could be visited till 5 September 2019.