Twenty two works including ten paintings and twelve graphics of the Dobrich art gallery fund re-creating fateful events of the Bulgarian and Dobrudzha region history are arranged in hall 5 of the gallery. The exhibition opened on Feb 3rd 2016 is titled “Fragments of the Bulgarian History”.

The emphasis is on the works depicting the peasants’ riots at the beginning of 20th century which spread all over the country concluding by the rebellion in Durankulak village. The tragic facts in 1900 inspired painters and graphic creators such as Stoyan Sotirov, Dobry Dobrev, Petar Chuklev, Galiley Simeonov, Spiridon Borisov, Georgy Savov etc.

The graphic work of Galiley Simeonov “The Founders - Day First” takes us back to the epic foundation of the Bulgarian State. The composition “The Great Preslav” by Yanko Atanasov leads the visitor to the Golden Age of Bulgarian literature under the rule of Simeon Ist.

The exhibition comprises the works of Yulii Minchev - “1876”, “The Roads of War” of Georgi Trifonov, “The Trekkers” of Kalina Taseva etc.

The military painter Boriss Denev who was sent to the Dobrudzha front presented moments of soldiers’ life in 1916 in the drawing “The Fight at Arabadzhii Village” and the painting “The Grumbling of Horses Against War”. 

The composition of Dimitar Voinov “People Against” is exhibited for the first time. It’s a group portrait of killed intellectuals in the period 1923 - 1925.

“Fragments of the Bulgarian History” is the first part of an exposition which has an educational character. On the occasion of the National Holiday 3rd March at the end of February the exposition will be enlarged with portraits of famous personalities of the Bulgarian history.

The exposition is useful and interesting both to students and teachers and will be at the disposal of the visitors till 18.03.2016.