Man inspects the world through the window. It's hisonly path before helearns his first steps - what is there round the corner, where this lane leads to, how big the sky is behind that fasade. The secrete is always behind the window, it is in the flying bird, in the widnight stars, in the reverse glance to someone else's room, in the mixed up silhouette of strangers......

From 10th to 26th September, in two halls of Dobrich Art Gallery  will be arranged an exhibition of paintings of the Gallery's store. The subject is the "Window". It is very attractive to many painters because of it's multylayers symbolic fillings and the wealth of suggestions. It's presence in the compositions as subject and structure helps the development of a deep space.

The exposition represents twenty seven works painted in the period 1978 - 1987. The visitor will meet well known names of the contemporary Bulgarian painting - Aleksandar Petrov, Yoan Leviev, Svetlin Russev, Nikolai Maistorov, Vanko Urumov, Margarita Deneva, Hristo Vekov, Rumen Gasharov, Adrei Daniel, Nusha Goeva, etc.

The window is a doorstep to the real world, if one steps out he'll get to places, events and realities, which could hardly be accepted by his mind. The window is a mirror where the world has different faces and dimensions. It is a queastion to the others, astep to a new friendship, contact with the time, message.

This exposition will provoke in You such kind of questions and analogy thus opening one more window to the ivisible spiritual space.