On 20.08.2015 at 6 pm a jubilee exhibition of Todor Balev is opened in the Dobrich Art Gallery in connection with his 80 th Anniversary.

The painter was born on 18.02.1935 in the village of Hadzhilar, Romania. He graduated Secondary School in Arts in Sofia and in the period 1958 - 1962 he practiced teaching in General Toshevo. He worked in the “Dobrudja Tribune”  newspaper up to 1964 and late in the year he got his job in the Art Gallery. He threw a lot of his energy and time in collecting the first paintings which gave the outset of the art- stock of our Gallery.    

In 1974 he graduated the Art Academy in Sofia, specializing painting withprofessor Panajot Panajotov.After taking his degree Todor Balev worked in Dobrich - in “Building of Cinemas”, methodologist in Fine Arts at the Regional Council of Arts and Culture, lecturer in “St. Kliment Ohridski” University.      

In the course of 30 years he directed the Fine Arts School at the House of Young People. Being a painter, teacher and a pedagogue he devoted his time to the young talents helping them to choose their course in Arts.  

 “The School helped many people giving something to each of them, which subsequently influenced their future” - says Balev.  

He is one of the founders of the Group of Dobrich painters and takes part in all exhibitions of the Artists’ Association, in the regional exhibitions of the Dobrich painters, in the national exhibition “Land and People”. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.   

He organized many solo exhibitions: in Balchik , Tervel, General Toshevo,  Kavarna, Shabla  etc. - 1981, in Dobrich - 1983, a jubilee exhibition in the Dobrich Art Gallery - 1995. The same year he joined the International exhibition dedicated to 50th Anniversary of the victory over fascism in Ulm, Germany. In 1999 he had a solo exhibition in Hjorvelzigen, Germany and other expositions in Dobrich in 2005.      

Todor Balev is awarded “Cyril and Methodius” medal, IInd class; Ist class qualification for teaching and the Prize for Complete Creation of the Dobrich Municipality in 2004. In occasion of  his 70th Anniversary, in 2005 his name was entered in the Dobrich Honorary book for his important pedagogue and creative activity in Fine Arts.