4. “Framed up Memories” - an exhibition of the Hungarian painter Kata Kolesar in the Dobrich Art Gallery

On 03rd June, in Dobrich Art Gallery, at 6 pm is to be opened the exhibition of painting of the young Hungarian painter Kata Kolesar. The exposition is organized with the help of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia. Kata Kolesar graduated  the speciality of “Fine Arts” in the Hungarian Art Academy in 2014.In 2012 receiving a scholarship she spent  half an  year in the Bulgarian Art Academy. Next years she often travelled to and around Bulgaria. She felt inspired by her visits to our country. In 2013 she worked as a volunteer in the Hungarian Cultural Institute, too.

The series  “Framed up memories” are her diploma work from 2014.It represent one of the walls in her house where she imitated important photos of herself and her memories. In the paintings she focused on group photos from the kindergarten and the family albums. She accepts this type of works as something very interesting.

She aimed a strong photograph effect focusing on “framed up” photos.

The exhibition will be in Dobrich till 29th June and then it will be exposed in other galleries in the country.