The Water - an Exhibition in Dobrich Art Gallery

Just a day ago we marked the Hour of Earth. It's the largest initiative for nature protection and in Bulgaria it was dedicated to rivers. Caring about water resources we bow down before the foremateria which is not only a part of our life but it is the life itself .

On 30.04.2015, in Hall №5 in the Gallery we arranged an exhibition named "The Water". All  paintings, photographs and graphics are chosen from the Gallery's fund.

The visitor could feel the preasence of the sea like an embrace, range, an open door, mirror, sicret, knowledge, cosmos and a thinking beeing.

The unique water engraved the images of our spiritual life, our emotions and dramas.

Rain like a spiritual phenomenon carries more metaphorical than a phisical charge.

The works of Georgy Urumov, Vanko Urumov, Hristo Kavarnaliev, Aleksandar Poplilov, Nikola Tahtunov, Sidonia Atanasova, Vesselin Staikov, Vladimir Gadzhovich etc. show up.

The water, closed in the paintings tell the story of life - it runs through cities and deserted lands, looks at the skies with a lake like eye or sends man to an unknown reality and records the time.

The exposition is open till 17.04.2015.