CARTOONS AND CARICATURES by Nikola Kjulevcheliev /1914 - 1994/

On 27.01.2015, at 6 pm, in Hall №5 of the Dobrich Art Gallery is starting the retrospective exhibition of Nikola Kjulevcheliev.It represents cartoons and caricatures  on various subjects and dating back to different periods,which were published in local newspapers.The exposition includes several paintings ,too.

Nikola Kjulevcheliev is a lawyer,but as his son Georgy, who is the initiator of the exposition says:"Drawing to my father was something more than a hobby".

The painter was born in 1914, in the town of Showmen.His first appearance as a painter was in the same town.He graduated High Education in Sofia University.In 1942 he joined an exhibition of Shoumen painters in the "Popular Bank" saloon.Two years later he was mobilized at the turkish border.In the autumn of the same year he took part as an officer in the Fatherland War and in 1945 he's awarded a Military Cross.In 1970 and 1975 he was decorated with medals about his participation in the Fatherland war.

Nikola Kjulevcheliev practiced trainee-lawyer in Showmen and Razgrad.Between 1945 and 1956 he was a lawyer in Suvorovo.During the next two decades he was a member of the lawyers' society in Dobrich and General Toshevo.At the same time he was an active painter, too.

From 1973 till 1983 he organised 9 exhibitions with caricatures and cartoons on different subjects and joined 12 national and regional exhibitions.

Nikola Kjulevcheliev was a chairman of "Svetlina"community center,a chairman and a singer of "Dobrudzhanska pesen"choir.For the period of seven years he's an editor of the local newspaper.He designed and realised the decoration of different dramatic and satiric productions in the community club.He created the graphic design of the "Days of Humor and Satire" in the town.

In 1984 was opened his jubilee one man show.It marked his 70th birthday anniversary and his 50th artist anniversary.He was awarded  many silver and gold badges and medals.

Nikola Kjulevcheliev died on 25.10.1994.

In 2014, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth and 20th anniversary of his death a retrospective exhibition in the Club of Varna Architects was initiated.

The exhibition in the Dobrich Art Gallery is available till 18.02.2015.

For further information, please contact Georgy Kjulevcheliev,tel. 0895833370.