Fragments of Eternity

On 20.01.2015,in Hall №2 of the Art Gallery, is opened an exhibition of canvases of Mihalis Garudis,called "Fragments of  Eternity".The exposition is dedicated to his 75th Anniversary.

Ane of the innermost subject of the auther is the sea. Six of his paintings are dedicated to it,expressing its boundlessness and antiquity,its elusive still unforgetable wind of wisdom.The sea is a mirror of reality,it is a window to the forgotten things,it is the space of present,past and cosmic.The olive branch,as a symbol of faith and life says that nothing is lost in the world,that if only one peers into it with his inner eye,he'll see the ancient Hellenic world and the one of Christianity.

The broken stone figures speak about the past centuries and the running time which finaly turns into sand and despite the unreliable memory it is stored in the stone heart.

The exhibition is available till 18.02.2015.

Curator - Penka Dimitrova