Art Gallery - Dobrich - "Anniversaries 2015"

On 12.01.2015 in the Dobrich Art Gallery was arranged an exhibition "Anniversaries" ,a collection of works in possetion of the Gallery's fund.It is the first exhibition of the year which continues the tradition to mark the anniversaries of our artists.The expossition includes drawings,etchings,lithographys of painters,celebrating their jubilee.Hall №5 shows 38 works of 21 painters.All pieces of art are created during different periods and so they lead the visitor through various artistic and social epochs.Elena Karamihailova /1875 - 1961/ is one of the first  Bulgarian painters creating after the Liberation of the country.She finished the American "Robert" College in Tsarigrad,and after that she specialized arts in Munich.She is one of the most distinguished Bulgarian portraitist.Here are exposed some of her drawings.

Vassil Zahariev /1895 - 1971/ is presented by the popular "The Historical Boyana Church" and "Marincho Bimbelov - The Terrible".His wood-carvings connects the traditional Revival wood-cut ant the secular engraving at the beginning of 20th century.

Maria Nedkova /1925 - 2015/ is well-known with her etchings,monotypes and drawings by ink.Her works bear  plain line and  laconic strokes.

Here is also presented  "The Emblem of Paris" by Boris Dimovsky /1925 - 2007/.

Very impressive are the etchings by Stefan Radkov "Afternoon Coffee II", "Modern saying I" by Todor Tachev, "Compossition with Greeting" by Petjo Marinov,too.

A matter of interest are the etchings of the Dobrudja painters Hristo Gradechliev /1935 - 2004/, Hristo Gospodinov /1945 - 2003/ and the drawings by Valentin Karapetrov /Karavaljo/.

If one looks for the impression which brings fresh air he could choose the printings of he could choose the printings  by Svetla Georgieva "Birds" and "The New Dress".

Courator Nedko Nedkov