Portraits and Selfportraits - paintings of the Gallery fund

The temporary exhibitions "Portraits and Selfportraits" presents wosks of the Gallery fund. In the canvaces and printings we can see the forgotten things which make our lives different and multiferous.The collection includes sellected models of the contemporary Bulgarian Art.It is a part of the educational programs for children and students for whom the Gallery organises lessons for years.Here one can find creations of familiar Bulgarian painters like Elza Goeva, Darina Vassilyanska,Kiril Hristov, Snezhina popgencheva, Ljuben Zidarov, Plamen Kulev etc. and paintings by the Dobrich artists Stelian Stoianov, Nickola D. Daskslov, Vera Peneva, Nickola Bogdanov etc. One can see the sculpture  portraits by well - known Bulgarian painters: the graphic Borislav Stoev by Vessa Voinska, the caricaturist Boris Dimovsky by Vezhdy Rashidov, the sculptor Emil Popov by Angel Stanev, etching portrait of Stefan Tsanev by Stoimen Stoilov. The interesting group portait of the class in fine arts by Nikola Karamfilov "Memmory" is depicting the faces of the recognised Andrey Daniel,Mimi Dobreva, Stefan Yanev, Milko Bozhkov, Nikolay Ivanov, Valentin Koev etc.