Exhibition "The Song of the Wheels"

This exhibition exposes printed and painted heroes from the Jovkov`s world,portraits of Jordan Jovkov and Dora Gabe, the actress Adriana Budevska /she is one of the founders of the professional theatre in Bulgaria/ , Anastas Petrov - the founder of the Bulgarian ballet and landscapes from Dobrudja.

The topic of the exhibition "The Song of the Wheels" is a part of the large theme "The Land and the People". It is the basic purpose of the collecting activity of the Dobrich Art Gallery during the last decades.This is why from 60s to 80s the Gallery organised many National Exhibitions "The Land and the People" which enlarged our fund. The theme is too important also because of the dramatic historical fate of our region and because of the small number of works preserved from the period 1913 - 1940.The exhibitions treat a large range of themes realised in hundreds of paintings,preserved in the Gallery. They all recreate country life, landscapes and the authers, conected with Dobrudjza.