Exhibition "Women throughout ..." of "Group 9"

On July 9, 2014 at 5.30 pm at the Art Gallery - Dobrich an exhibition of "Group 9" was opened.  The group is an association of artists woodcarvers, formed in 2011, and this is her eleventh exhibition. It is part of the fourth draft of the group, which aims to promote the art of modern sculpture of wood in universal themes, such as the theme of the woman.

The participating artists woodcarvers are  Georgi Velikov, Daniel Mirchev, Theodore Doukov, Yavor Tanev, Nikolai Martynov, Ivan Ushev, Evgeny Grigorov, Stelian Stelianova Mitio Mitev, Dimitar Mitkov, Georgi Mitev, Hristo Kirilov, special members - Lilia Pobornikova Diana Vasileva , Denitza Dakova and the curator Ivaylo Peev. Each participant presents his individual vision and approach to the subject and realization of his work.

The project of the texts devoted to  women  were done by the young women writers - Todora Radeva, Beloslava Dimitrova, Zornitca Garkova, Nadezhda Dermendjieva,  Polly Mukanova, Nona VelitchkovaDiana Petrova, Petra Petrova.

The idea of the group is to present and promote the work of contemporary artists in many aspects of the female images by the languages ​​of sculpture and speech, images, which inspired the artists over the centuries, which interweaves  beauty and aesthetics, mysticism and inexhaustibility of interpretations.

At the opening of the exhibition on 9th July, 2014 (Wednesday), the authors promise high art and a true delight for the senses. Here  will be presented sketches of individual works, showing the process of the implementation of specific projects, a process that lasted more than ten months - from concept sketches and mock-ups to tangible artifacts.