The Fifth edition of the international plein-air “The Paper” was titled “Green zone – Balkan symposium”. 15 artists took part in it – Bogdan Pelmus and Maria-Magdalena Pelmus from Romania, Mojca Zlokarnik from Slovenia, Hanne Voukalis from Greece, Jasenka Tucan-Vaillant from Croatia, Ilija Kocovski from Macedonia and Georgi Hristov, Mina Decheva, Snezhana Simeonova, Evelina Handzhieva, Vesselin Nachev, Vesko Velev, Penka Dimitrova and Nedko Nedkov from Bulgaria.

“Artists from six countries sent in an attractive manner their message for tolerance between the Balkan peninsula people. They expressed their conviction of the necessity for cooperation and tolerance through the action “Balkan rug”. The happening took place on Kranevo beach. Before the eyes of the resting vacationers the artists from Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria made a common paper rug and pillows… and covered their bodies with the unusual art-work… The happening in Kranevo is a traditional activity during the international plein-air. The symposium was organized for the fifth time by Dobrich Art Gallery with the support of “Vector” Ltd. and Soros Art Center… The plein-air was performed within the “Green zone – Balkan symposium Paper 2001” Project. Along with the creative process it aims at ecological consciousness and care for the green heritage, as well as establishment of sustainable contacts between the artists from the neighboring Balkan countries.”

/”Dobrudzhanska tribuna”, 02.07.2001/