For the fourth time a plein-air organized by Dobrich Art Gallery took place on the sea shore in Kranevo and gathered together artists from Bulgaria and abroad. They were united by the desire to use paper as a basic means and to demonstrate its rich plastic potential.

From 5th to 15th of June 1999 artists from Bulgaria – Alexander Stefanov, Vasil Popov, Evelina Handzhieva, Elena Panayotova, Kolyo Karamfilov, Nedko Nedkov, Penka Dimitrova, Rositza Trendafilova, from Macedonia – Boris Shemov and Borche Stoyanov, from Belarus Alexander Los and Olga Sasykina, worked together. The creative communication and exchange were especially valuable in that process both for provoking new project ideas and personal artistic plans.


“Paper and Sound” actions took place on the beach where the sound of the paper instruments made by the plein-air participants merged with the rustling of the waves. The 10-days gathering was finalized by an exhibition in the Dobrich Gallery halls.


We are deeply grateful to everybody who supported us in the realization of  “The Paper – Kranevo ’99” project. It was possible thanks to “Vector” Ltd., Soros Art Center – Sofia, “East/West Network” Department of Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia, The Union of Bulgarian Artists and Dobrich Municipality.