“In the beginning was… the Paper”

“The jocular analogy with the Bible sermon is in that case by no means for its sake – if not for the Universal beginning, it is for sure valid for the beginning of the artist’s creative course when the pencil has honestly and cand1idly  entrusted the world of childhood dreams to the white sheet of paper. The real reason for me to search for such parallels with the works from “The Paper” plein-air in Kranevo is probably due to their distinctive spontaneity and genuineness… It succeeded in finding its specific place in contemporary artistic life and in tracing out the outlines of its many-faced style.

… The meeting of the different cultural traditions and levels managed to turn it into a creative dialogue whose results are not definitive single-sided solutions but the creative process itself…

… Apart of the achievements, the most important meaning of the creative experiments during the paper plein-airs is probably the particular creative process. In that case the final result, due of its pliability, is more susceptible to authors’ shaping strivings. And this last stage, i.e. the final artwork itself, is more of a dramaturgy, a screenplay, and the real, enliven performance could be seen only in the working process - what the one and only “Paper” plein-air represents.” /Krassimira Koeva/

The second plein-air “The Paper” (1997) takes place again in Kranevo and 12 artists participate in it - Assadour Markarov, Panayot Panayotov, Vladimir Ovcharov, Evelina Handzhieva, Penka Dimitrova and Nedko Nedkov, as well as Alexander Stefanov, Monika Romenska and Sasho Stoitzov, and the  foreign participants are Rosa Fuentes Bartol from Spain, Pascal Lievre from France and Linda Graedel from Switzerland.   The exhibition of the plein-air artworks is opened on 12th September and later on is displayed in Plovdiv Art Gallery.