In 1995, after a personal exhibition of Vladimir Ovcharov in Dobrich Art Gallery and by his idea, the Gallery team organizes the first exhibition “The Paper”. Eleven artists take part in it, tempted by the work with the paper – Adelina Popnedeleva, Vladimir Ovcharov, Assadour Markarov, Evelina Handzhieva, Vihrony Popnedelev, Penka Dimitrova, Verzhiniya Markarova, Nedko Nedkov, Anna Boyadzhieva, Panayot Panayotov and Petar Petrov.

The archives of the gallery speak in words and images:

“The paper is close to the poetry, it is ecologically pure and if disappears we could hardly imagine our life without it. This exhibition comes to makes us value more the trivial stuff like paper. The paper expands the imagination.” /Vl. Ovcharov/

“The exhibition is not that harmless. The selected titles in “Tongue” underline the violence, blood, cruelties, gossip…” /Ad. Popnedeleva/

The first exhibition is presented also in the Union of Bulgarian Artists’ halls in Sofia. The initiative rapidly gets a gear and during the following 10 years it becomes an annual international plein-air. The participants change, the circle widens and the paper artworks collection of the Gallery grows.