The Collective award of Dobrich municipality was granted to Milena Aldjabari – pedagogue and Galya Georgiea - curator “Educational programs” in Dobrich art gallery. The “Workshop for imagination” project was also awarded in July by the Parliamentary commission for education and science with Second award “The school in the museum, the museum in school”. On 12 August 2019 in Varna took place the 7th National conference “Access of young people to culture: role of the art festivals”. The event was organized by Bulgarian Employers in Culture Association (BAROK) and Civil Institute, supported by Varna municipality due to International Youth Day. Dobrich art gallery got Honors diploma for their successful work with children of ProCultura 2019 annual awards in the “State Cultural Institute” category.

The Personal award was granted to Evelina Handjieva – artist and director of Dobrich art gallery till May 2019. With her multiannual work and dedication to the museum activities, successful management, public activity and professionalism Mrs. Handjieva is a worthy nominee for the prestigious award.

Along with its nominated and awarded activities and representatives in 2018-2019 Dobrich art gallery team took part in realization of the “Salt for the living” Project together with Dobrich Artists Association and Dobrich Writers Community. Due to 70th anniversary of the poet Yordan Krachmarov was organized an exhibition of Bulgarian artists’ drawings inspired by his poetry, a catalogue was published and the artworks were donated to the gallery fund.

The Annual  Dobrich municipality awards in the field of culture and science include diploma and monetary prize  and will be handed during a special ceremony on 1st November at 11:00 in “Nelly Bozhkova” Hall.