Genoveva Rogova - exhibition

An exhibition of Genoveva Rogova will be opened on 17 October 2019 at 17:30 in Dobrich Art Gallery.

The artist was born on 22 July 1972 in Dobrich.

Graduates Secondary Art School “Tzanko Lavrenov” in Plovdiv and is awarded with “Atanas Staykov” prize for her thesis.

Graduates the “Graphic„ Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1998 as prof. Stoyan Stoyanov – Techi’s student.

Arranged a number of personal exhibitions around the country, takes part in Bulgarian and international symposia, joint exhibitions, biennials and contests. Lives and works in Sofia since 1992.


An accent in the present exhibition of Genoveva Rogova is an installation created within 360 days in 360 colors. Concerning the creative process the artists says: every day I was searching for a new color to make one element – a color circle. The color elements could be arranged in endless configurations. Game of colors…” The exhibition includes also prints of images exposes on moonlight during a lunar eclipse.

The exhibition will be opened till 06 November 2019.