On 25 July 2019 at 17:30 Dobrich Art Gallery presents Detelina Tiholova’s  photographiccyanotype exhibition “Sense of Angels”.

Detelina Tiholova was born in Dobrich but lives and works in Kyustendil. She graduated Shumen University in 1988, specialized in textile design in Technical University in 2000 and photography in Sofia University in 2013.

Since 1992 she writes Haiku and since 2004 creates Haiga. Tiholova works in both Haiga streams – ink drawing (sumi-e) and modern – with photographic images. She has won many national and international awards for Haiku and Haiga. Her name is enlisted in Top 100 of the European most creative Haiku artists. She is member of Bulgarian Haiku society. In 2010 Detelina Tiholova publishes her first book “Haiku, Haiga, Sumi-e” after winning a debut book competition of “Ars” Publishing house.

2011- personal Haiga and Sumi-e exhibition in “1908”Art Gallery, Sofia

2014 – works on photographic project “From inside” presented in Kyustendil Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora” during the Month of photography

2016 -  exhibition in Sofia University art gallery “Alma Mater”  

2017 – exhibition in Sofia “Plus this” gallery with the project “On the other side”  during the Month of photography; exhibition in “100 art” gallery, Troyan

2018 – joint exhibition “Two worlds” with Nikolay Tiholov in Radio Varna Art Studio

2019 -joint exhibition “Two worlds 2” with Nikolay Tiholov in Sofia Technical University art gallery “Techne”

2019 – photographic cyanotype exhibition “Sense of Angels” presented in Kyustendil Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora”

The artist says about her exhibition:

“This is visual expression of my sense of angels.

I use cyanotype as main artistic media. This photographic process is invented in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer sir John Hershel. The old photographic technique inspired me to express my sense of the angels. The blue color and the brush traces complete the aimed aesthetic. Everyone has sensed the presence of angels even if they do not admit that someone is looking after them and shows the right path…

The first part of the photos is made through double exposure with external flash… my attempt to control the chance. The second part includes portraits of the model Valeria Kadiyska.

The photos are exposed on sunlight.”