The Group of Varna artists openes a “Small format” exhibition in Hall 5 of Dobrich Art Gallery on 11 July 2019. They are presenting painting, graphics and drawings created during the last years.

The Group of Varna artists is established in 1923 and amongst its members are names like Kiril Shivarov, Mario Zhekov and Georgi Velchev.In 1943 is established the Society of Varna artists chaired by Stefan Gadularov. On March 16, 1947 takes place a constituent assembly and is formed a group as a part of the Union of Varna artists. The chairman then is Yanko Marinov, recently returned from Russia. Meanwhile is opened Varna Art Gallery. The member of the Group Konstantin Shtarkelov makes the first financial donation for the gallery establishment.

In 1980s the Group is enlarged with well renowned artists, obtained academic education. During that period chairperson is Stoimen Stoilov and some of the members are Vanko Urumov, Milko Bozhkov and Petyo Marinov. The Group initiates the International biennial of graphic arts participated by some of the most world famous graphic artists.

Presently the group counts over 150 members and a big part of them are young artists.