Nikolay Todorov has named his fifth exhibition in Dobrich “Sacrace”. It will be opened on June 27at 17:30 in Dobrich Art Gallery. The last years Todorov’s artistic efforts are related to the history in the search of archetype, the roots and the aboriginal signs. He says: "During the last years my searches led me to Sumerian cuneiform and other ancient symbols and signs: the aboriginal canelures, the spiral, the labyrinth, the concentric circles and etc. Thus gradually I reached to the pure ancient signs and drawings in Magurata cave. They are cosmogonic and represent a whole encyclopedia. A strong energy and cosmic consciousness is incorporated in them and therefore they have such an amazing impact. These are the prototypes of Egyptian hieroglyphs and of the Glagolitic signs later on and are graphically purified and simplified. In the exhibited compositions I present the signs in a different structure so that they have a new and specific meaning. I learn from the nature, the stone and the cliffs and merging the natural structures with the embossed ancient signs create artworks that are definitively material, with their own gravity and a very specific presence...”

This is the 30thpersonal exhibition of Nikolay Todorov. He presents seventeen scenic canvases performed in his personal technique. He works in the fields of painting, drawing, collage and monumental arts. Some of his works are displayed in the National Fine Arts Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, Art Gallery - Dobrich, “Boris Georgiev” Varna Art Gallery, Zanko Ashram in Tabarz – Germany, Bello Piñeiro Museum in Spain, Coca-Cola Company”, USA president Bill Clinton’s collection and in many private collections both in Bulgaria and abroad – Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Scotland, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, India and USA. He took part in many group exhibitions, plаin-airsand biennials. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.