This year the International Day of Museums on May 18th coincides with the European initiative Night of Museums. In the European museums it is being held for the 15th consecutive year.

On Saturday until late at night Dobrich Art Gallery will receive its visitors. At 6 pm will be opened the guest exhibition of the International Triennial of the Stage Placard – Sofia “From A to Я”.

In 1995 the International Triennial of the Stage Placard got its first donation – the series “The Latin Alphabet” created by 12 world famous engravers from three continents. They founded the legendary in visual culture and graphic design studio “Pentagram”. The organizers of the triennial in Sofia inspired by the invaluable gift which was given by one of the members of “Pentagram” studio from New York Paula Sher created the series “From A to Я“.

The series include 30 placards – one for each letter. Their creators – the painters Bozhidar Ikonomov /1946-2016/, prof. Bozhidar Yonov, Georgi Lipovanski, prof. Lyudmil Chehlarov both seriously and with a sense of humor raise controversial issues about making the Latin signs Bulgarian, about their illiterate implantation in our computer everyday life. But they mostly visualize the idea of inexhaustible imagery and transformations of THE LETTER.

Within 24 years the collection has been displayed in dozens exhibitions in the world including an action in an open urban environment.

The Triennial expresses thanks to Dobrich Art Gallery for the honesty and hospitality joining in this way the International initiative Nights of Museums and the celebration of our brightest feast day – May the 24th, the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture.