On March 19th at 5.30 pm the Dobrich Art Gallery is opening the solo exhibition of paintings and drawings of Violeta Koycheva. The young artist lives and works in Sofia.

She graduated the National Art Academy in “Ceramics” with a Bachelor degree. In 2008 she got a Master degree in “Graphics”.

From 2012 she is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

From 2103 till 2016 she was a PhD Student in sculpture Department under supervisor Ass. Prof. Tsvetoslav Christov.

In 2017 she defended a Doctoral dissertation with a topic “The Drawing in the Works of Henry Moore, Alberto Gacomety and Chrito Yavashev – Cristo”.

She participated in national, and international exhibitions, plainer and projects.

In 2006 she was awarded:

 “110 Years Union of Bulgarian Artists” competition in educational and free drawing;

 First Prize for still life, competition in painting “Marin Georgiev – Usatgenov”; gallery “Academy”, Sofia;

2008 - Incentive Award for graphics in the “Signs and Symbols of the Bulgarian Folklore” competition, Sofia.

In 2006 she opened a solo exhibition “Memories and Feelings of one Student”- Art Gallery “Elena Karamihaylova”, Shumen.

In the exposition in Dobrich the painter represents 16 works in large format – 12 paintings and 4 drawings. “Balance”, “Family”, “In Seeking for the Path”, “Embrace”, “Just One and Only”, “Bacchanalia” are some of the names of these works where human body fills the space in different, expressing dramatic state. The painter says that she is motivated to work with the human body that can be used as plasticity and be considered as a given expression of the emotional state. I perceive the bodies in my composition the way choreographers mould the space through bodies, expressing a condition. number of   Nowadays asmall number of people appreciate the spiritual these days; the culture is materialized and is compared to popular values from ads of household goods.  Nowadays, I would like to be audacious and to risk expressing myself freely as person who tries to be sensitive to the surrounding world.  I do not want to be a consumer who takes things for granted.  I would like to relay a message to those who can sense the spiritual.