On March 3rd 2019 the Dobrich Gallery opens an exhibition telling by photos and texts about a car adventure in the beginning of the 20th century – the car rally Budapest – Constantinople 1912 which passed through Bulgaria. The event is organized with the help of the Hungarian Museum of Technique and Transport.

The photos have been also exposed in Istanbul, Bucharest,Sofia etc. Materials added in Bulgaria show the reaction of the then Bulgarian media to the motorists passing through our territory. The event is a valuable contribution of the Hungarian Cultural Center in Sofia. The merit goes to Mrs Liana Petrova who investigated concerved in the National Library different national newspapers from 1912 offering an information about the Bulgarian segment of the rally.  

At the beginning of motoring long distance rallies are in fashion. Then the motorists could demonstrate the technical abilities of the new vehicles. Among those racings the auto run Paris – Beijing from 1907 was the most popular. In Central Europe the motoring sport developed thanks to the competitions proving the reliability of the vehicles; they comprised several countries and were introduced by Prince Heinrich Prusky. They bear his name.

In 1909 the rally reached Hungary and prompted the representatives of the Hungarian Motoring Club to organize such races. Many large-scale tours have been organized before the World War the 1st: the tour Tatra-Adria, the tour of the Carpathians etc. The first of them was held on July the 29th 1912 which crossed the whole Balkan region and finished at Constantinople. The route of the motor club, meanwhile having taken the name “Royal”, at the then road circumstances ran through impassable roads, literally said through valleys and rocky peaks. 

The most popular car brand among the participants in the rally was the French De Dion. At that early stage of the motoring development  two tendencies competed: the French counted on the speed and the British – on the reliability of the cars.

This exposition is attractive not only for the car fancies but to all who are interested in the motoring history. We expect You at the opening where You will learn more about this curious event

The exposition is held under the patronage of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.

The exposition is kindly provided by the Hungarian Cultural Institute, Sofia.

The display will be opened till March 31th 2019.