The Dobrich gallery delivered portraits of our great poetess and translator Dora Gabe painted by the artists Penyu Valchanov, Milka Pejkova, Lilyana Russeva and Mariya Stolarova. Her life and creative work are inextricably linked with Dobrudzha. Several generations of Bulgarians have haltingly read poems for children and have been fascinated by the novelette “The Little Dobrudzhanian”.

The art critic Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva wrote a study titled “Dora Gabe – the double reflection in the spiritual mirror of life and art”/2008/ where she says:

“…The portrait by Penyu Valchanov /1931/ radiates the vitality of an old woman with a childish sole… As if her face drifts in the celestial frame of a bit of azure as her sparkling eyes say: ”I watch the sunrise and the sunset /I welcome Your eternity awaiting for my end…/.

…The well-known Bulgarian painter Milka Peykova /1919-2016/ represented a portrait of Dora Gabe at the exhibition “The Land and the People” in 1982…. In her creative work she remained true to her preferences to the decorative art. Her attention to the details, realistically recreated image where she put the accent on different attributes like the necklace of azures, turquoise ring and earrings in a classic jewelry stile. All these are a natural addition to the stately beauty of the poetess.

… The live physical presence of Gabe is most obvious in the portrait by Lilyana Russeva /1932-2009/, which was also presented in Dobrich in 1982. It is remarkably created in the picturesque silver range where the contrast between black and white is wormed up by the gentle nuances of golden ocher, pink, lilac and greenish dyes in the backgrounds. It is an anonymous space with a window, reflecting the gentle light from the outside world. The figure of Gabe is entered there as a contrast. She lowered her head slightly, her eyes are with semi-closed eyelids, her braided fingers of hands speak about her internal tension….

This is a portrait of a person marked with spiritual beauty and catharsis of irreconcilability. “So much pain/the irretrievable wave snatched away/there is no nearness and no parting/but the world is still vast and eternal….”

In 1973 the painter Mariya Stolarowa /1925-2016/ represented a portrait of Dora Gabe in a solo exhibition in Sofia…The laconic and purely colored background, the clear line of forms, beautiful folds, face and look, which addresses directly to us, conveys a powerful presence and emotional effect to the portrait….”

“Dora Gabe – the Daughter of the Plain” is a presentation included in the educational program of the gallery. The team of the Workshop of Imagination invites the kiddies to read together poems and draw after verses from the book “From Elephant to Ant” illustrated by Illiya Beshkov.