On July 20th 2018 in the Dobrich gallery at 10.30 am will take place an opening – matinee of the exhibition “The Golden Pages of Bulgarian Illustration. Iliya Beshkov and his Students”. The exposition belongs to the fund of Pleven gallery – “Iliya Beshkov”. It represents 96 works of art of significant and favorite Bulgarian engravers and illustrators from the middle of 70s and 80s of the XX century. The collection includes works of Iliya Beshkov, Ivan Kozhuharov, Ivan Kyosev, Naum Naumov, Nikola Hadzhitanev, Simeon Venov, Darina Penkova, Stoimen Stilov and Todor Tsonev who did the design of Bulgarian and translated children’s books, historical and Revival Bulgarian literature, world epos, poesy and Bulgarian folklore. The variety of techniques, means of expression, compositional ideas and artistic problems which illustration is luscious with leads to the creation of an independent artistic genre.

Illustration is a visual mediator between books and reader. This mediation is an interaction and complementarity between art and literature. It is a communication-dialogue among painter and writer on the pages of the edition.

The birth of Bulgarian illustration is in the beginning of XX century. After Lyuben Zidarov – one of the great names in the national book engraving, “it starts quietly, unpretentious, under the under the wing of painting, decorative art and graphic”. The first generation of Bulgarian painters who made illustrations gave a good background of their followers. Boris Angelushev and the patron of the Pleven gallery Iliya Beshkov changed the Bulgarian illustration into an autonomous art and its own specialty the the Sofia Art Academy.
The state editions played an important role in the process of “inclusion”. In 60s and 70s of XX century they created favorable conditions for its development. The results are the awards of our painters at the national exhibitions of illustration and layout of the book body as well as at the international expositions in Leipzig, Moscow, Bratislava, Bologna.

Here we should mention the superb international manifestation of the exposition “The Art of Bulgarian Book” which was initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria in 2007 where books with illustrations by Ivan Kyosev, Ivan Kozhuharov and Stoimen Stoilov were included.

The team of “Iliya Beshkov” gallery in Pleven is proud to be a part of this manifestation!