On April 18th in hall 5 at 5.30 pm the Dobrich Art gallery opens an exhibition of the painter Kosta Kostov under the title “Drawings”. The artist delivers over 100 drawings from different creative periods made by pencil, ink, lead pencil and charcoal. There the world is expressed in still life, portraits, pastoral and sea landscapes.

Kosta Kostov was born in Krapets village, Shabla municipality.

He has over 50 exhibitions in the country and abroad – Germany, Spain, Jordan, Norway etc. He took part in general exhibitions and plain-airs. For 10 years together with Shabla Municipality he organized the National plain-air in Krapets village “Art Paths”.

The sea and its shore have deeply stepped in his creative works. At the frontier between land and sea life has the most scenic expressions. There the silence of water, the wings of wind and  dreams travelling to the people, Sisyphus stones, the aroma of old times etc. are offered for sail. Sometimes there one can find out crystal-poetic, enchanting messages, another time one can discover symbolic stories about life. Quite often one can meet that romantic spirit, which destroys the social limits and sends us into an unreal world. But in all zeals and transmigrations of the painter, beyond the artistic spirit a sense of freedom is felt which models the world with ease and understanding.