In Hall 2 of the Dobrich gallery an exhibition of the works of four well known Bulgarian engravers will be arranged from Feb 13th. They all have permanent place in Bulgarian art. Under the title “Masters of the Graphic Techniques” the exposition traditionally represents  the audience the best works of the Dobrich gallery fund.

Yulii Minchev/1923 – 2006/ is exhibited by ten linocuts. He was also an illustrator of many books both for children and youngsters and a painter of “Anteny” magazine. Being one of the founders of Union “Friends of India” he was a long-time designer of “Svetilnik” magazine as well as of the two-volume album “The Wars of Bulgaria”. He realized solo exhibitions in Berlin /Germany/, Prague /Czech Republic/, Budapest /Hungary/, Warsaw /Poland/, several expositions in Bulgaria and in1997 – in Sofia /”R. Alexiev” Hall/.

Five of the works in the display are made by Michael Petkov /1933 – 2015/. He worked for thirty two years as a painter in the Bulgarian national television and was the originator of the television graphic in our country. He worked with one of the most difficult graphic techniques – mezzotinto. He was born in Dobrich.Petkov was awarded national and international prizes. He participated in representative exhibitions of Bulgarian art in Austria, Germany, Japan, India, USA, Latin America, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, France, Poland, Russia, Hungaria etc. as well as in international biennials of graphic art.

Visitors can see five lithography made by Simeon Venov /1933 - 1999/. His name is emblematic in the field of fine graphic. He is distinguished by his sophisticated aesthetic, emotional purity and power of the messages he sent to the audience. In 1986 he was included in the honorable list of the prize “Hans Christian Andersen” for the illustrations of the book “The Blue Beard” by Charles Pero.

Lyuben Dimanov /1933/  is said to be the Bulgarian graphic modernist of 1960s and 1970s. The graphic techniques of his works are etching, lithography and dry-point. Dimanov made the illustration and design of many books: “Alcohols” of Apolliner, “Divine Comedy” of Dante Alighiery, “Metamorphosis” of Ovid, “Sonnets” of Shakespeare etc. Many times he has been awarded for graphic, painting, drawing and illustration. The exposition represents him with five graphics made by dry point technique.