On November 16th in the Dobrich Gallery a solo exhibition of Krassimir Trifonov is displayed. The artist called it BEFORE DEATH and says: “They asked me why I chose such a “frightening” title to my new cycle of monotypes. Isn’t the word “death” a taboo for us who are still alive. What can I answer?  Whatever the artist’s personal motives are they are of no importance. Because deeply inside our mind is nestled the fear that the time to stand in front of THE GATES /AD PORTAM/ before we’ll be going BEYOND inevitably comes”.

The exhibition represents a small part of a large cycle monotypes of 1800 sheets which are created between May 2016 and November 2017. The artist uses white gouache on reproductions of paintings of other artists calling this technique “ PARASITIC author’s technique” where the white gouache comes into interaction with the different colures of the reproduction  - the way the parasite “eats” from a foreign  body”. Krassimir Triffonov calls it “sukograthia” after his creative pseudonym. Suk – Krassimir Triffonov is born on November 21st 1954 in Dobrich. He mainly makes drawings but also collages, decoupages, water colures, gouaches, water colure and gouache monotypes,  sukographia. He had seven solo exhibitions. The artist is a member of the Union of the Dobrich artists. Before that he was a member of “Studio 13” and took part in exhibitions of both groups. Works of his are possessed by the Dobrich Gallery, “B. Georgiev” Gallery in Varna, Silistra Gallery, “Kavalet” Gallery in Varna as well as private collectors. The exhibitions contains fifty monotypes. It will be at the disposal of our visitors until the end of November.