Joining the joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union under the title “European Days of Heritage” the gallery of Dobrich arranged graphics of European painters in hall 5. On September 30th the entrance is free of charge.

The works are from the collection of the gallery which took part in the traditional editions of the Biennials of graphic – Varna. The exposition is small but is a symbol of this significant international forum. It includes works with various subjects and styles of painters of different nationalities. They are all samples of high professionalism and fine technical implementation. The exposed works are tightly connected with the tendencies and issues of the modern graphic art. Albin Brunovski, Vincent Hloznik, Vladimir Gazovic/Slovakia/, Jose Hernandez /Spain/ and others created an individual fantastic world of their own. In “Small Sea I” Raimo Kanerva /Finland/ treats the subject of the presence and absence of nature in the life of modern man. In his graphics Kazimierz Makovski /Poland/ opposes nature to reality – a product of the modern civilization. Wunderlich /Germany/ creates a successful sarcastic image of the modern man choosing the deformation and the grotesque thus opposing it to “Breakfast on the Grass” of Manet. In his impressive and original work “Session” Rolf Escher /Germany/ treats the subject of the alienation and the lack of real human attendance. The abstract compositions of Tonya Nikolaidou from Greece, Dorny Bertrand /France/ etc. remind the specific aesthetic restrain and philosophic summary of the colored graphic.

The exposition gives us the chance of direct contact with the works of European masters of graphics with international recognition, awarded with a number of prizes