September 25th - The Day of Dobrich

On 25th 2017 at 5.30 pm an exhibition of Petar Petrov will be delivered in two of the Dobrich Gallery halls.

The exhibition includes works from the atelier of the painter as well as works from the National gallery, the Sofia CityArt gallery, the gallerys in Varna, Silistra, Targoviste, Dobrich and others.

Painting from different perids, graphics, drawings and ceramics are included in the display. A subject of interest will be the model of rotatable plastic “Directions” which was realized in 1977 for the needs of Dobrich bus station.  A multi-media presentation will present some of the decorative monumental works of Petar Petrov.

The painter was born on January 8th 1946 in Dobrich. He graduated the School of Mechanical Engineering in Dobrich.

In 1970 he entered the National Art Academy – Sofiain “painting” under prof. Nenki Balkanski. After the graduation in 1975he worked in Dobrich as a freelancers painter. He was also a chief designer of Fashion House “Rila” in Dobrich and a designer of Albena resort.

In 1985 Petar Petrov became a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists. In the period 1977 – 1990 he was also a member of the Artistic Council of the Union of the Dobrich Artists. From 1989 till 1994 he was a chairman of the Union of the Artists and from 1991 till 1994 the painter was a member of the Board of the Union in Sofia.

Annually Petar Petrov takes part in the exhibitions of the Dobrich Union of Artists and the regional expositions Dobrich – Silistra representing graphics, paintings, design, ceramics. In the period 1976 – 1990 had participations in the national displays in Sofia, Smolyan, Varna, Shumen, Burgas, Sliven etc. as well as in the Biennials of graphics both in Varna and Ljubljana. In 1985 he was presented  in Moscow and France within the exposition “The Bulgarian Painters”. In 1990 together with Deyan Evtimov he presented watercolor paintings in Ullanbaatar, Mongolia.

In connection with his participation with paintings and graphics in General Art Exhibition “The Land And the People” the critics write: ”No doubt Petar Petrov is a painter with his own manner. His monumental paintings “Motifs of Dobrudzha” and “The Walls” are a kind of allegories, an interlacement of  past and present by details, photos and collages built-in the scenic body”. Petar Petrov is characterized as a “restless creator in the graphics” as he creates compositions “with clear forms and images as if appearing from the subconscious”. At the General Art Exhibition “The Land And the People” in 1987 the painter was sharply outlined as a creator “with intimate creative thinking, which is expressed in experimental in nature works”.

In 1984 he organized a solo exhibition in Dobrich.
The works of Petar Petrov are in the collections of the National Art Gallery, the Sofia City Art Gallery, Art gallery “Boris Georgiev” in Varna, Art gallery “Nikola Marinov” in Targoviste, the galleries in Ruse, Balchik and Kavarna, Shabla, Gen. Toshevo etc.

The painter endowed works to the Dobrich Art Gallery, the Art Gallery in Kavarna, the Cultural Club in Gen. Toshevo and others.

In 1981 he endowed his honorarium for the presentation of the permanent exposition of the Memorial House ‘Yordan Yovkov”.


The painter received an Incentive award in the competition “Aesthetization of the Urban Environment”– Sofia, 1979. He is a painter of the team  which in 1980 was awarded First prize in the competition for the Memorial Monument “Yordan Yovkov” in Dobrichwhose architects are A. Koev, G. Mihaylov, N. Stoyanov and P. Ganchev. He received a Jubilee Medal “1300 Years of Bulgaria”in 1983.

His biography includes the design and implementation of  museum collections; photo expositions of modules; applied graphics – projects of reprinted posters, covers, certificates, illustrations; plaques, files with graphics etc.

Petar Petrov is a painter with an attitude towards the problems of the environment and is an author of decorative – monumental wall compositions and design ideas in Dobrich and the region.

Realized projects: Computing Centre Dobrich – ceramic wall composition and grill; Bus Station Dobrich – sculptural modular seats, decorative concrete fences, fountain, flower-stands, kinetic metal plastic ‘Directions”, decorative wall compositions in aluminum and ceramic/in a co-authorship/; House of the Health Workers – decorative concrete fence; Memorial House “Yordan Yovkov” – lining ceramic tile; presentation of the permanent exposition; the town of Tervel – plastic design in concrete of the town’s emblem ; First City Polyclinic – Dobrich – decorated ceramic; the Palace of Sports and Culture Varna – ceramic tile for decorative layout of walls and water areas; House of the Book in Dobrch /in a co-authorship/ etc.

 In Albena resort: hotel “Vihren” - decorative wall compositions and columns; hotel “Laguna Mare” – decorated ceramic “Aquarium” and a fountain; hotel “Malibu” – stained glass; concrete capitals; he is the author of unique creation of concrete tiles for different places in Varna, Balchik, Albena, Dobrich, Sofia and others.

The exhibition will be open till October 30th 2017.