On August 4th at 6 pm the Dobrich gallery opens an exhibition of the Artists Union Burg e. V. from Germany. The displayed works represent different techniques of ten painters – Annette Mewes- Thoms, Bernd Jaworski, hans Struck, Katharina Mutzel, Michael Kuhne, Monika Missy, Uwe Peters, Zornitsa Schonfeld Zoe FleurieIsabel Reimann and Kai Lehmann.

The Artists Union Burg e. V. was established in 2015 in Burg/Dithmarschen/ by painters and admirer of art as a non-profit organization. At present its members are 17 and their goal is to promote art in Burg and outside of it. The idea is to make it comprehensible, accessible and attractive for the young people. One of the aims is to be organized exhibitions of popular and new artists creating with different styles. So far 12 expositions /of 30 painters/ visited by over 2000 guests have been organized. The organization works in collaboration with regional institutions as the rehabilitation Center in Bucholtz and the Tea House, in Burg.

This is the first exposition of the works of the painters in Dobrich. It will continue till August 14th 2017.

Zornitsa Schonfeld was born in Dobrich. Tsvetan Manev, Todor balev, Yanko Atanassov and Pavlin Penev were her teachers in painting. Later she graduatedthe Campus Naturalis academy of Hamburg, subject art therapy and psychotherapy. This exhibition is organized on her initiative.