On Mar 21st 2017 at 5.30 pm the Art gallery of Dobrich openes an exposition of four Dobrich painters.

Man is like that - he rarely looks back in the past. Hurring up to the future we forget the inner nooks discovered by our ancestors where like in an oasis one can take shelter.  And then filled up with the faith that art is continuation of life to go ahead.

Driven by this idea we remeber artists from one generation who loved life. In their canvaces they tell about their times, native towns, the Dobrudzha nature and the sea shore with a strong admiration. The paintings are from the gallery,s collection.  The artists are not any more among us but their creation has definitely left a trace in the cultural life of the town: Angel Ivanov/1925 - 2014/, Dragni Tsvetkov/1927 - 1999/, Sabi Georgiev/1925 - 1994/ and Filip Filipov/1925 - 1994/. They are some of the founders of the Union of the Dobrich Artists which establishment before more than 50 years responded to the cultural needs of the Dobrich society.  

The arranged works harmoniously "coexist" in the gallery hall and are an example of the representational traditions in the aesthetics of the Bulgarian art in  60s till 80s of the last century.

The loneliness in the paintings of Angel Ivanov is provoked by the fishmen boats left on the shore, the drying nets in the dusk and the huge blue space which diminishes them. The canvaces of Dragni Tsvetkov tell about the boundlessness of the Dobrudzha land. Memories, dreaminess,  glims from the past day, preseved in the stern form of the buildings breathe from the works of Sabi Georgiev. And Filip Filipov, amazed by the world aroud him, passes through the outskirts of the town by his brush, draws the tumbled-down adobe cabanas and steps down to the Balchik sea.