On Feb 15th at 5.30 pm the Dobrich gallery is opening an exhibition of Sidoniya Atanassova /1909 - 1994/ - a respected name in the Bulgarian graphic. The collection of 51 woodcuts belongs to the  "Iliya Beshkov"  gallery - Pleven. The exposition chronologically shows the graphic works of the painter between 1937 - 1988 which were enspired by her love to the native history and landscape.

The exposition is a symbol of our respect and appreciation to the creation of the bemused and patient painter who is a follower of the Revival technique - the woodcut.

Here is the opinion of prof. Marin Dobrev about her: "Sidoniya Atanassova is one of the greatest names in the Bulgaria graphic art. When we speak about engraving on wood there are three names - their profesor Vassil Zahariev, Vesselin Staykov and Sidoniya Atanasova. So in the whole history of our graphic art they are the artists who give all the possible variatins and sometimes the unsuspected potentials of engraving, which is one of the most dificult techniques..."

Let's also remember the words of Svetlin Russev: "Today, the return to Sidoniya Atanassova is as mutch as a memory of an extraordinary creator subtile, peculiar and unaccustomed to the ephemeral aetistic vices, as it is contemporary and indispensable in a time of unfulfilled illusions and devalued professional criteria..."

Sidoniya Atanassova was born on March 21st 1909 in Vratsa, in the family of Lieutenant General Iliya Atanassov and the teacher Rayna Atanassova. In 1911 the family mooved to Belogradchik. Later she mentioned that this residence during her infancy helped "in the formation of a more vivid imagination by its environment and bizzare rocky scenery". In 1915 the family of General Atanasov settled to Pleven. In 1929 Sidoniya Atanassova finished high school. On Oct 1st 1930 she became a student in the National  Art Academy in Sofia.  As an " interesting episode" in her life she mentioned her admission in the Academy saying: "In 1930, under the influence of my friend I left for Sofia to study in the Musical Academy. However, due to unforeseen conjunction of circumstances I missed the deadline for the exams. Then I decided to attend the exam of the Art Academy, which was held two days later. I managed to exam very well /without any preparation/ and was accepted in the department "Applied arts".

The course of her studies in the department of "Applied Arts" is held by the professors Stoyan Badzhov, Nikola Kozhuharov, Vassil Zahariev Nikolay Raynov /History of Art/ and Stoyan Raynov /Ceramics/. In these years she additionally studied Graphics under prof. Vassil Zahariev. She finished the Academy on June 28th 1936 with a grade "very good".

The years following her graduation she teached: in the Female High school in Pazardzhik 1939; in the Male's High school in Dupnitsa 1941; in the Mixed High school in Razgrad 1942; in the Female High school in Lovech 1943; from the end of 1943 up to July 1946 in Pleven.

The year 1936 marks the appearance and the creative presence of Sidoniya Atanassova in the national art life.

Her participation in the 12th and 13th exhibitions of the Community of the indipendent painters in 1936 and 1937 is quite humble - only two works and she added: "And in all national art exhibitions without missing any in Sofia from 1937 up to 1981 with two - three woodcuts...."