On Sept 25th – the Day of Dobrich town – at 11.30 am the Dobrich gallery opens a retrospective exhibition of the painter Yanko Atanasov on the occasion of his 90th Anniversary.

The exposition is arranged with the partnership of his family. Two paintings of the gallery’s fund are also included in it. The display offers etudes of his studentship, drawings, watercolors, oil paintings. Following the favorite subject of the artist - history - in one of the halls are arranged monumental  paintings both in size and effect such as “Kubrat”, “Proto”-Bulgarian Troops”, Epilogue”, “Veliki Preslav”, “Fight – Adrianople”. The projects of mural paintings, stained glasses, scratch works etc. are of great impression. Some of them were not realized. Unluckily a part of the decorative - monumental works of Yanko Atnasov in Dobrich are hidden or destroyed by the new owners. A range of watercolors and drawings from Brno, small format painted canvases of Balchik, landscapes complete the exposition. Here one can see portrait drawings from 60s of the Varna sculptor Alyosha Kafedzhijsky, the popular Dobrich conductor Zahariy Mednikarov and several self-portraits.

The painter’s family – his wife Yanka Atanasova and the daughters Mariya and Dessislava Atanasovy endows with the Dobrich gallery 9 paintings of historical subject. These paintings, which are emblematic for the creative work of Yanko Atanasov will show in full the richness of his creativity and will enlarge gallery’s fund.

He was born on Dec 20th 1926. He devoted his whole creative inspiration to Dobrich and its cultural development. After graduating in decorative-monumental painting under prof. Georgy Bogdanov, Yanko Atanasov worked in the sphere of monumental arts, painting, graphic, scenography and the spatial layout. He made plenty of ceramic works, stained glasses and mural paintings. His graphic works of the cycle “Memories of the Old Dobrich” bring us back to the resent past of our town. We could compare their vividness, lucidity and invested talent with “The Little Dobrudzhanian” by Dora Gabe. Yanko Atanasov made the design of the coat of arms of Dobrich in co-authorship with Nikola Bogdanov.

From 1967 till 1975 he was a director of the Art gallery of Dobrich. He enriched its collection, organized solo and general exhibitions and courses of lectures in arts history. He paid a great attention to the popularization of the gallery.

In 1971 he was admitted to the Union of the Bulgarian Artists. He was one of the founders of the Dobrich Union of Artists and also a long-standing chairman of its artistic council.

From 1975 till 1979 he worked as a painter in the Dobrich theatre “Yordan Yovkov” and later as a freelance artist.