He was born on Mart 29th 1929 in Dobrich. In 1947 he graduated secondary school in the same town. Between 1947 - 1949 he studied sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia under prof. Ivan Lazarov. In 1949 he went to Leningrad /present Sankt Petersburg/ and in 1955 he finished the Institute in painting, sculpture and architecture "I. Repin" in "Sculpture" under prof. M. A. Kerzin. From 1955 till 1990 he was a proffesor in the Proffecional School in Fine Arts "Prof. Iliya Petrov".

In 1958 he become a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists.

Yordan Gavrailov created a wide range of works - portraits, figural and monumental sculpture. After 1957 he took part in many general exhibitions and in the realisation of a great number of monuments and monumental composition. He is the author of "Kableshkov" monument /1976/ in Koprivshtitsa, that of Yordan Yovkov /1980/ which rises in front of the Dobrich Museum of Literature, "Dora Gabe"/1984/ in Dobrich, the bronze monument of Boris Hadzhisotirov in Samokov - 1985, the marble composition "Vassil Levski" in Gorna Oryahovitsa, the bronze figure ""Dawn"in Balchik, the composition "Our Children" in Kavarna, monuments in Dobrich region - in Karapelit, Senokos, Spasovo and others throughout the country. He bestowed the monument of Yovkov's heroin Albena to the Museum of Literature "Yordan Yovkov" in Dobrich. In 1999 he made the bronze bust of acad. Aleksandar Teodorov Balanob for Kubey village in Ukraine and in 2011 the sculptor donated to the Bulgarian library "Hr. Botev" in Kishinev, Moldova the bronze mask of Hristo Botev.

The sculptor has also painted several portraits of Boriss Hristov and in 2010 one of them was put on the entrance door of his native home in Sofia. In 2011 another portrait of the great singer was put over the entrance of his house in Rome.

Yordan Gavrailov is a winner of many awards for sculpture. One of them is for the "Mask of Vassil Levski" in 1987.

In the "Sculpture"fund of the Dobrich Art gallery are preserved three of his works - "Head of Ginyo Georgiev"/1972/, "Dora Gabe"/1979/ and the bust Ädriana Budevska"/1982.

The works of Yordan Gavrailov are in the National Art Gallery - Sofia, in the Sofia city Art Gallery, in other galleries in the country. Some of them are owned  by private persons in France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria.

Bright bow to his memory!