The Dobrich Art Gallery is a monument of cultural heritage.

Built in the30s of the20thcentury for a Court of law, the building of the gallery is one of the few preserved unique buildings in the architectural memory of Dobrich.

By 1940 the north wing was occupied by the Romanian police and the lock-ups located in the basement are preserved to this day.

After the reunification of South Dobrudzha with Bulgaria under the Treaty of Craiovathe building became the Bulgarian State’s property. By 1980 it was used by various administrations and institutions.

In1981 the building was adapted for a galley and the design was created by the architect  Asen Koev and the artist Atanas Neykov /1924-2003/.

Today the facades of the building, the original architectural details in neoclassical style are preserved and the interior space is organized in enfilade. Dark glasswalls build up visual links between the halls and contribute to the museum aesthetics. 

The permanent exposition covers the two floors of the building and temporary exhibitions are organized in three halls on the first floor.

There is a special hall foreducation, creativityand experiments called Workshop for Imagination.The programs worked out for children and students are based on innovative educational practices and interactive activities. Meetings with artists, lectures, videoshows and multimedia presentations are also organized in this space.

The lock-ups preserved until now are an attractive space for presenting contemporary art – installations, videoart, multimedia and other forms of visual arts.

Presentations of books, conferences, concerts and various performances are held in the unique atmosphere of the masterpieces of the permanent exposition.  

The Dobrich Art Gallery is one of the 100national tourist sites of Bulgaria.