An exhibition of Genoveva Rogova was opened in Dobrich Art Gallery on 17 October 2019. The artist born in Dobrich is famous to the local public with her specific and recognizable graphic arts printed on handmade paper. During the years she actively works in the field of contemporary art. The accents in her expositions are not random; they follow an inner logic and have their mathematical rhythm.

In the present exhibition Genoveva Rogova presents an installation created in 360 days, every day looking for a new nuance to make a colorful element – part of the 360 degrees of the circle. These colorful elements could be arranged in countless configurations. Thus she seduces us in the creative process of art for art’s sake.

Avoiding the imitation and simplifying the form to a symbol Gevi is focused on the process of creation and the structure alluring the audience to a less traditional perception. She uses the contrast and the colorfulness of the opened geometrical spaces of the cube, provoking our observation and making us participants in the creative process with her invitation for game of colors.

In her black-and-white prints exposed on moonlight during lunar eclipse we touch the pure and elegant aesthetic of her graphic sensitivity aimed in the monochromy of the portrait and self-portrait, in the minimalism of the equality and the completeness of the paper mash circle.

At the opening her teacher Mr. Zdravko Toshev shared his admiration of Gevi’s talent manifested even in her childhood. For him the present exhibition is just another proof for her deep knowledge about colors she developed through her delicate sensitivity observing the natural cycles.  The artist herself said that throughout the time she realized the unavoidable presence of the mathematics in the everyday life and the art.

The exhibition can be visited till 5 November 2019.