An exhibition of Galina Halacheva was opened on 24 October 2019 in Dobrich Art Gallery.

The artist was born in 1978 in Dobrich. Studies fine arts in “Dora Gabe” secondary school and continues her education in “Jules Paskin” private high-school in Sofia at prof. Vasil Vasilev’s class. In 2007 Galina graduates from Veliko Turnovo University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” with master degree in fine arts pedagogy and painting in prof. Nikolay Ivanov’s class. During her study she is awarded with Veliko Turnovo municipality prize of the annual students’ exhibition, takes part in mural painting of “Bolyarski” hotel within prof. Angel Botev’s project, participates in a number of joint exhibitions, such as Atelier 13, Art Fest – Sofia with handmade paper, Association of Dobrich artists – pedagogues, installation with Nasko Dimitrov, murals, installation, etc.

Since 2013 Galina works in Dobrich Art Gallery as “Educational programs” curator. Together with the pedagogue Milena Aldjabari are awarded with “America for Bulgaria” prizes, Bulgarian Parliament award within “School in the museum, museum in the school” program and after a few days they will be handed the Collective award of Dobrich municipality.

Galina says: As an artist I am searching in different directions. Find ideas in the simplest things and objects in life. Starting points for me are the boundaries people put to themselves. There are windows and doors in many of my paintings as a boundary between the known and unknown, overcoming the barrier or its’ imaginary presence, or just the beauty of the inner and the outer space.”

The exhibition can be visited till 12 November 2019.