“Contemporary British Art” exhibition was opened on August 15th in Dobrich Art Gallery.

It already visited Sofia and Varna arising huge interest. The 27 artworks present some of the most popular names of the United Kingdom pop-art – Sir Peter Blake, Mark Quinn, Bryan Eno and Damien Hirst, as well as the creative duo Connor Brothers – Mike Snelle and James Golding. They are part of the Young British Artists group established in 1980s after a sequence of exhibitions in abandoned London dockyards.

The exhibition was opened by Mr. Aleksey Hristov, programming director of American foundation for Bulgaria. The displayed artworks are just a part of the foundation’s collection and it already has its own history. Mr. Hristov said that the renowned Connor Brothers have visited Bulgaria two times since the beginning of the year, enchanted by our country.

One of the reasons for the exhibition visit in Dobrich is that among the foundation founders is our fellow citizen Mr. Diko Mihov, the local Mathematics high school graduate. Initially the exhibition has been split in two parts, the first including Blake, Quinn, Eno and Hirst but later on have been added the artworks of the Connor Brothers effecting in a more comprehensive view on the contemporary British art tendencies.