An exhibition of Zdravko Toshev /Zdravetz/displaying 31 paintings was opened on 8 of August 2019 in Room 1 of Dobrich Art gallery. Presented are the artist’s favorite landscapes and still-lives among which prevail the naval theme, the beauty of Dobrudzha land and the Bulgarian nature.

The exhibition was opened by Dragomil Georgiev, close friend and colleague of the artist. He talked about the three main aspects of his personality as a human, creator and teacher, about his life positivity, creative authenticity and dedication to the teaching.

Zdravko Toshev confesses himself that he gets inspiration from the nature often through his young students’ eyes to whom he has dedicated almost 40 years of his life.

Colleagues, fans and students of the Dobrich artist expressed their respect to his eleventh personal exhibition opened shortly after his 70th anniversary. His former student Rositza Boyadjieva greeted him with flute performance.