Dobrich Art gallery presents Detelina Tiholova’s exhibition “Sense of angels”. The exposition implemented in cyanotype technique reveals artist’s sense of angels’ presence in everybody’s life. The photographic process is invented in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer sir John Hershel. It is used mainly for documents, architectural plans and sketches. It is also known as blue print since the images are always in blue colors.
Detelina Tiholova was born in Dobrich but lives and works in Kyustendil. She has dedicated the last years to Haiku poetry and traditional Japanese technique Haiga. Her first book “Haiku, Haiga, Sumi-e” is published in 2010 after winning an “Ars” Gallery debut competition.
During the presentation the artist shared that she has recently discovered the impact of cyanotype as media and is still experimenting with it. She relates the sunlight exposure of the photos with the surprise in images’ development.
The exhibition could be visited in next two weeks.