“The Black Sea underworld”

An underwater photography exhibition titled “The Black Sea underworld” by Todor Dimitrov was opened on July 4 in Art Gallery - Dobrich. Displayed are 35 pictures of the magnetic underworld of our sea presenting the water inhabitants, landscapes and panorama, underwater models and “over-under” compositions uniting the both worlds – over and under the water surface. The pictures are selected among the best photos taken during the last 10 years. The selected photos are taken completely through free diving along Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The exhibition was opened by Art Gallery - Dobrich Director Nedko Nedkov. The name of Varna photographer became famous just a few months ago when he won one of the most prestigious world competitions for underwater photography.

Todor Dimitrov is born in Varna and since childhood is in permanent contact with the sea. He is an artist by education and professional graphic designer. Free diving and underwater photography are his hobby. He tries to show the Black Sea underworld from a different perspective using innovative approach and artistic techniques.

During the last few years he is prized with a number of international competitions’ awards. In 2019 wins the first award in Compact category of one of the world’s most prestigious underwater photography competitions - Our World Underwater.It takes place in Chicago and is considered the “super cup” in this competitions format.

The exhibition will continue until the end of July.