An exhibition of Russian artists dedicated to the Russian culture days was opened on June 24 in the Art Gallery – Dobrich. It is organized by Dobrich municipality, Balkan States Association for Friendship and Cooperation and the International organization “Art without Borders”.

The opening was preceded by a press conference of Mr. A. Galkin – president of the Society for friendship and cooperation with the Balkan countries, Dr. Emilia Baeva – Deputy mayor and Mrs. Olga Molchanina, dean of the visiting artists, honored artist of Russia, member of the Union of Russian Journalists, member of the Russian Academy of Science and Fine Arts. The exhibition presents artworks of Elena Vogulkina, Yuri Kozak and Valentin Tretyakov from Moscow, Oksana Baladinskaya and Nikita Popayhov from Moscow district and Elena Karlova from Altay region.