On March 12ve 2019 the Art Gallery in Dobrich opened an exhibition named “120 years of the Birth of Dechko Uzunov and Bencho Obreshkov”. Penka Dimitrova – chief curator of the Gallery represented their creative life.

Bencho Obreshkov was a graduate of the “Paris School” and a lot of fairness and coloring of the French art could be descried in his paintings. “In fact B. Obreshkov was the “first swallow” of the “new painting” which was all over the world and soon was to become a general ideal of the whole generation” / K. Krastev/. He was a bright phenomenon in art and one of the best known Bulgarian contemporary artist abroad. B. Obreshkov implemented the modern understanding for colors in Bulgarian art.
Dechko Uzuno Specialized in Germany. He possessed an artistic aristocracy, free spirit, vitality and impressive productivity. He was a professor, academic, rector of the Art Academy, Director of the National Art Gallery, Chairman of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists. He was also awarded many State and International awards and medals. He became a chairman of the International Association of plastic Art to AIAP and after that its Honorary president. He was elected a Honorary member of the Mexican and Russian Academy as well as a regular member of the European Academy of science, art and culture. On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the painter UNESKO declared Dechko Uzunov a World Personality of the Year, which is a recognition of the contribution of the Bulgarian creator to the world civilization.

Academic Dechko Uzunov was a mentor of a whole generation of artists, influenced by the free and independent spirit and by powerful talent of his creation and personality. His name is emblematic for the highest achievements of the Bulgarian and European culture.

“If they say for Picasso that he appropriated the whole last century for us this applies to Dechko Uzunov…. He most contributed to the Europeanization of Bulgarian art preserving his respect and love to his country and traditions….” Prof. Aksiniya Dzhurova.

The works of both classics, emblematic artists, heralds of European aesthetic in Bulgarian plastic culture of 20th century are from the Gallery fund.

 The exposition is at the disposal of the visitor till April 7th 2019.