On Feb 14th 2019 the Dobrich Art Gallery opened an exhibition from the Gallery’s fund titled “The Posters Recall…” in two halls.

The museum poster has the specific task to inform about the events in the gallery. Through this exposition the visitor can track out the history of the exhibitions from 1980 to the present. The posters are chronologically displayed starting with Varna painters Alyosha Kafedzhijski, Vanko Urumov and Stoimen Stoilov and all the events till the general exhibitions “The Land and the People” – 1982 and 1987, the exhibitions of the Union of the Painters “Studio 13”, the plainer “The Paper” etc..

The placards recall the self manifestation of the Dobrich artists during the decades – Yanko Atanassov, Vassil Vichev, Rossen Rusev, Petar Petrov, Nikola Bogdanov, Hristo kralev, Kosta Kostov, Penka Dimitrova, Georgi Atanasov, Wera Peneva, Nikolaj Todororv and others. 

Posters in different format take us to the expositions-events of Dimitar Kirov, Nikola Manev, Simeon Venov, Magda Abazova, Stoyan Tsanev, Mihail Petkov, Svetlin Rusev, Dimitar Arnaudov etc.

Painters from Slovakia, Croatia, China, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic etc. left their mark after their visit to the Gallery. Foe as Stanislav Stratiev wrote:  “….there could be no event but the placard always exists. Sometimes the poster turns into an event and the event – into a poster. Often one is  left at having a poster without ever seeing the event. And that is when the placard is the one which is supposed to prompt at least a part of the substance of the event, by its idea, by its look so that the person will be aware what he lost. Or what he won….” /published in a bulletin of the Union Bulgarian Artists, 01/2019/.

Alongside with the large variety of authors, styles and tendencies in fine art the discerning look of the visitor will observe the development of the printing technique of placards, too – from  the screen printing to the modern digital technologies

The 100 selected  from the Gallery’s fund posters are a sort of chronicle of its artistic activity during the years and we invite You to “hear” it.