On Eve of Christmas time, on Dec 12, 2018 at 5.30 pm the Dobrich gallery opened the annual exhibition of the Union of Dobrich Artists.The exposition contains 52 works by 31 artists. At the opening Sasho Serafimov said:”On the Eve of the bright Christmas Holiday, the colleagues painters from Dobrich offers us their own world, which was born in the numerous hours of silence and wandering, creative enlightenment and revelations. They all have different creative route, each of them perceives his social and spiritual everyday life in different way but we all feel the radiation of so much tender, love and well-intention from the paintings. As if they send a message: ”Our world is so cruel. The world is not only what we see. On the melody’s wall one can hang his words or drawings and to hear Your own personal song. But its soul’s translation is one and the same – harmony and kindness…”